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child support tricks book coverThis ebook covers the following subjects and more:

Stop feeling like you don’t have a leg to stand on and fight back by exercising your Fatherly or Baby Daddy rights. When it comes to child support the child support agencies job is to take money from you and give it to the child's mother, they don't care what the mother does with the money and they don't care if you have the money to pay a set amount each month. Buy Now or read on!

Child Support Agencies want to keep you powerless and eventually strip you of your drivers license, properties, and other asset you've worked hard to obtain. Don't let your Baby Mama walk away with it all including your child. You do have rights and you can be heard.

This child support self-help book tells you how to avoid getting punked by the child support system.

Here’s more good news. Now you can start to exercise your Fatherly or Baby Daddy rights to your advantage.

Bypass all the rumors and lies that you’re told about Child Support, because most of the stories you hear are stories of Defeat.


Learn how to use these simple tricks that have been tried and tested in order to have a fair chance. THE TRICK IS KNOWING YOUR OPTIONS. This book list all of your options step by step!

If you’re a “Baby Daddy” that’s trying to do the right thing by your child or children, but you’re not getting a fair chance, then this book is for you. You’ll be glad you have a copy of the “Baby Daddy Child Support tricks and Strategies for Fathers” at your finger tips.

Time and time again, I’ve personally seen many “Baby Daddy’s” fight for their parental rights in Child Support cases and Custody battles and to no avail, Father’s have been known to walk away feeling empty, because they had nothing to fight with in court to prove that they are not this villain that the Mother/Baby Mama or Child Support System make you out to be.

My name is Lisa Wilson and I’ve written the “Baby Daddy Child Support Tricks and Strategies” in the form of an e-Book with Fathers in mind. After speaking with multiple Baby Daddy’s and helping to prepare legal court documents for either Child Support cases or Child Custody for Non-custodian Dads, I figured if Baby Daddy’s only knew their rights and different strategies that they could use in their Child Support  Case, then Baby Daddy’s would have a leg to stand on to fight back the Child Support System or Child Custody battle without spending hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars on legal fees, only to walk away still unsatisfied with the court decision.

child support caseThe judge’s decision was possibly not in your favor for something so simple as you the “Baby Daddy” didn't’t know you had a option to disagree with the arrangements the Child Support legal advisor made with the judge in court. Maybe, you the “Baby Daddy” is paying an unfair amount or the “Baby Mother” will not give you visitation rights, or even worse, perhaps the “Baby Mama”; which according to the court system is called “Custodian Mother or Birth-right Mother”, is abusive, has a drinking or drug problem or neglects your child or children and yet instill, you the “Baby Daddy” just don’t know the process or procedure in order to inform the court and get a court date to present these findings of the “Baby Mom” to the judge without making yourself seem as if your acting out of retaliation to prevent making child support payments or even worse, just another way of avoiding your “Baby Daddy” child support responsibilities.

This is why I’ve written the “Baby Daddy Child Support Tricks and Strategies” with you in mind to help you prepare for your never ending Child Support Enforcement case or Child Custody case.

You will find that the “Baby Daddy Child Support Tricks and Strategies” eBook to be self explanatory, simple to follow and convenient enough to take anywhere with you. 

Throughout the “Baby Daddy Child Support Tricks and Strategies” eBook you will find samples of different documents pertaining to child support forms or child custody forms. These forms are only to be used as a sample, not intended for actual use to file in the courthouse, as each county and state forms differ. You have to inquire with the courthouse in the county or state the court filings will be filed.

“With the purchase of Baby Daddy Child Support Tricks and Strategies you get to learn the inside strategies that the child support system or child custody system use almost every day and they win. Now you can have a fair chance at winning also.”

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