Sep 27

Missed Child Support Court Date

Missed Court for Child Support

Did you miss your court date for your child support case and now you wonder what happens next? Good question. For starters, enforcement for a missed court date varies from county and state to state, therefore check with the courthouse you were court ordered to appear at.

Moving forward, you should consider filing a “Motion to Vacate Your Default” petition. If the judge approve your motion request, then you will have a chance to get back in front of the judge to discuss your side of your missed court date for child support and you will be able to discuss child support payments based on your income; otherwise, if the judge doesn’t approve your petition, then you’ll have to live with his ruling for the moment. However, there are other options you can take advantage of like reducing your child support payments or even eliminating them altogether or you can apply for joint custody or temporary custody of your child/ren. Does this sound overwhelming to you? If so, no worries, I have prepared a simple and easy step by step 20- page eBook guide that has the proper forms to reduce/motion to vacate or apply for custody of your child/ren by request. Once you’ve completed the simple eBook guide you can count your savings of a lawyer with attached high fees that’s charged to represent your case in court. Visit: http://www.childsupportricks.com  for details.


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